Consultancy Services

Healthcare Solution Providers Developing Creative and Expeditious Solutions

Over the years and due to the trust of our clients we feel honored to have dedicated our resources to offer specialized consultancy services within the reach of our clients.

At Health Equips Pvt. Ltd., our Consultants are driven by ethos of purpose and passion to help healthcare organizations succeed in their pathway to evolve and adapt.

Our assets include

Established services network offering unsurpassed level of quality driven solutions on turnkey basis for our healthcare industry clients by concentrating on quality assurance, excellence, and client satisfaction:

  • Experience to provide advice, information and solutions that make a positive difference in the Healthcare organization.
  • A tight-knit consortium of Senior Healthcare Management Consultants with over a decade of experience and key skills to provide specialized project management services.
  • Track record of setting of multiple healthcare facilities and rendering operational improvement counseling for specialist led group practices, hospitals and niche driven healthcare facilities.
  • Strong knowledge base, relevant background, experience and trained human resource enabling clients to consistently reach market-leading levels of financial and operational performance.
  • Complete range of Health Facility Planning, Medical Equipment Planning, Design Construction Supervision and Operational Commissioning, Feasibility Studies, Master Planning.

Professional Expertise

All Members and Consultants are holders of Medical degrees and Professional Master Degrees in Business Management and Health Management Sciences.

Professional Scope

Healthcare projects’ design, medical planning, construction and operations

  • Healthcare Turn-Key project management and implementation

Identification & allocation of resources

  • Healthcare Turn-Key Recruitment/Headhunting
  • Healthcare Training and development

Development and management of Healthcare Technology implementation and optimization services

  • Need assessment and development planning
  • Telemedicine planning and implementation
  • IT planning
  • ERP Roll out planning
  • Health related policy drafting and enactment— regulatory compliance management

Clinical Trials

  • Conduct clinical trials at various phase levels and market assessment surveys

We specialize in

  1. Services to identify specialized healthcare segments to focus and plan future progress
  2. Services bringing a wealth of multi-cultural and cross industry experience to develop services in the healthcare industry
  3. Services to identify customer needs for all hospital and diagnostic equipment, disposable and consumable requirements and manage to arrange supplies
  4. Services for hospitals and laboratories to setup and/or to upgrade existing services
  5. Service to identify & Create joint venture activities in the healthcare segment
  6. Services to prepare and help optimize services of customers to meet regulatory requirements in the Healthcare segment

Important Milestones

Recruitment/Head Hunting:

In collaboration with various United Kingdom based healthcare firms, we have rendered recruitment services for skilled medical professionals, i.e. Sonologists, nursing staff and physicians.

Training & Development:

We have established a training and development institute for medical and allied fields in Islamabad. This institute will develop a pool of trained medical and allied service individuals for the challenging healthcare environment and raise the quality standards of healthcare delivery in Pakistan. The institute envisages leveraging expertise in the medical licensure exam preparation area as well.

Consultant/Advisory Services:

We are currently providing strategic planning, development and implementation inputs to new Hospital or expanding Hospital projects (from inception, financial planning, design, construction to sourcing and commissioning of equipment) in Pakistan and abroad.

General Consultancy Services:

We have been involved in co-founding a private hospital and a Human Resource Development organization that is now a leading work skills enhancement service provider for various funded Job Skills Project for the underdeveloped and marginalized communities in Pakistan. Our Management has been associated with many health related initiatives of Saudi German Hospitals, Universities, UNICEF, WHO, EPI, National Program for Family Planning & Primary Health Care, where we established, stabilized, managed and handed over a number of successful projects and proposal to our clients.

Training Services:

We have provided training consultancy in the areas of Hospital Management, Project Management and been affiliated with IFC and various international funding agencies in healthcare.

Business Consultancy Services:

We had extended business development services to the channel partner of Qiagen Sample Assay Technologies, Germany in Pakistan for their Molecularbiology products by identifying potential customers and to promote products and generate interest in coordination with their sales, application & service teams.

IT Consultancy Services:

We are working with a Public sector healthcare organization to assess their IT requirements and deploy HIMS and a Telemedicine solution to cover their vast network of patient pool. We have also worked with a US based software house to evaluate and implement LIS (Laboratory Information Software) designed for developing countries at selected laboratories in Pakistan.

Business Analysis Reporting Services:

We have completed a detailed business opportunity analysis report and feasibility for a leading pharmaceutical company in Pakistan to enter into Vaccine market and in the process of providing continuous guidance for the evaluation of market dynamics and implementing strategies.

Laboratory Infrastructure Assessment Surveys:

We have completed a project for Pakistan Academy of Sciences that covered collection of Pakistan Medical Diagnostic Laboratories data and development of a repository of for this important segment of healthcare delivery. In the past we have worked with a US based consultancy firm to conduct a survey and evaluate the diagnostic labs infrastructure, standards and review of the market in key geographic areas. This survey has eventually lead to future collaborations with international groups to conduct clinical trials and analyze the opportunities to upgrade the laboratory infrastructure in Pakistan.

Technology Transfer Projects:

We successfully completed PC-1 for the development of two technology transfer projects for Ministry of Health, Pakistan to manufacture Diagnostics ELISA & PCR screening and Auto-disable syringes in Pakistan based on the funding from Friends of Pakistan (Under the flagship of Italian Debt Exchange Program).

Market Expansion Services:

We have developed and implemented expansion guidelines for a leading Diagnostic company for the Hepatitis C Virus, Hepatitis B Virus and Mycobacterium tuberculosis screening from routine pathology labs to corporate segment.

Social Awareness Campaigns:

Our experience played a lead role to create awareness through social campaigning for Hepatitis Control & Prevention in Pakistan in collaboration with a prominent NGO.

Clinical Trials:

We have spear headed various clinical trials in the local population for vaccines, therapeutic drugs, vitamins etc.